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Can I Buy Spanish Property Online?

How to obtain a licence has been covered in detail elsewhere in various posts but I will finish with a couple of links for convenience so people can look things up for themselves easily.


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This can be very frustrating for the British, but remember, we are in Spain! FIRST OCCUPATION LICENCE because, nobody even talked about it as a crucial document. Does Alicante have any tourist rental laws at the moment?

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It should be noted that the vast majority of apartments in a larger building or villas that are part of a larger complex will NOT qualify for this type of licence for two possible reasons.

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You are now better off buying a house in Spain than renting long-term new figures show BUYING a property is cheaper than renting in most parts of Spain according to new calculations In 15 major cities it is far cheaper to pay a mortgage than to pay a landlord rent it has been discovered.

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