Do First Amendment Rights Apply To Minors

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The Court in the end was unwilling to allow community standards tosuppress the speech of mainstream movies, even if those movies offended thesensibilities of particular communities.


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Protests and civil disobedience have played an historic role on college and university campuses, bringing important and beneficial changes within society, and in the development of our democracy.

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Because the law requires you to attend school, the administration can take corrective action against you for missing class, even if you do it to participate in a political protest.

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This is largely due to the Brandenburg test, which courts look to in analyzing media Id. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In that case, the court upheld the prosecution of those who used children toproduce pornography.


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Cyber Snoop and Net Snitch are two widely available examples of this type of program. Michigan and basic constitutional limitations on what films he may be able to minors do? Federal law contains no outright ban on all obscenity; it leaves this to state law.

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