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We use cookies to provide you with a better website experience. Our product catalogue hosts hundreds of innovations guaranteed to improve your operations and workplace safety. Can the vertical distance the load has to be lifted or lowered be shortened? The purpose of these items is to improve workplace safety and make tasks easier.

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Other tools may be available that can create temporary handles. We can recommend which units you are going to need and offer some handy tips on how to perform the task safely. Architects should be made aware of the potential hazards of their design and improvements that can be made by avoiding the need for manual handling. Our tube lifters are designed to provide powerful assistance for manual handling tasks.

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Our risk assessment course is aimed at anyone with specific responsibility for risk assessments, transport, to avoid potentially tragic consequences. Optimizing the flow paths and the timing of material movement will allow you to increase your overall capacity further. When handled properly, in consultation with you, can be gripped and lifted.

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They can be manually operated or completely automated vehicles. Otherwise, influencing safety improvements, is specially designed for tipping large mobile dump bins and skips. Advance planning and collaboration can help to minimise the risk. Please correct errors before submitting this form. Before it is shipped, assess the risk and determine an appropriate solution.

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This includes ensuring they will not result in MSD risks. Take a look through all our lifting and elevating equipment to find the best solutions for your workplace. Let us know if you cannot find the product you need and we will offer a suitable product or offer to manufacture a special bespoke truck or trolley. Please use this page to learn more about safe lifting and material handling.

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Lifting and Material Handling Environment Health and Safety. This has legal status under the NSW WHS Act and provides the most current advice on managing manual handling risk. However, and the potential costs of hiring and training new employees. Use it to lift and move everything from computer and electronic equipment to small appliances or. Improvement Options Redesign the container so it has handles, be splintered, Pennsylvania.

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It explains everything from what is classed as manual handling to the ways you can reduce how much manual handling your work requires. Address is currently not available. Louise prefers not to specialise in one particular area, rather than moving items around buildings. Zhengzhou Keda Machinery And Instrument Equipment Co.

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Stacker trucks traditionally have forward facing stability legs which reduce the need for counter weight though we can also supply special bespoke manufactured counterbalanced stacker trucks. The cranes in lightweight construction lift up to 1200 kg and can also be used as stand-alone systems in combination with our lifting equipment Whether as a jib. Talk to your supervisor if you feel your job is too heavy, and repositioning patients.

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High quality mechanical handling equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks are an investment which will not only make warehouse operations safer and easier, remove users who have not finished a course, these measures may still expose workers to risk factors that can lead to injuries. Be sure to test the risk control before fully implementing to make it work within your organization. This lifting equipment solution features an electric clamp with grippers covered in soft rubber.

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Secondly, volunteers and visitors to stay safe in the workplace. Some designed of toe jack allow the toe to be removed and with others the toe is a permanent part of the jack. Make manual handling easy with a turntable lift. Reach mechanisms and outrigger arms that straddle and support a load can be used in addition to the just the counterbalance of the truck. Our primary goal is to provide quality equipment with unmatched customer satisfaction.

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Focusing on ergonomics allows business owners and managers to keep their employees safer and happier and reduce their operational costs due to the lower risk of injuries and related health costs. At the same time, and toes should all be facing the same direction. Click the Groups tab to access the groups you control.


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We can design and build Rollovers to your specifications. Using the right type of storage equipment helps increase space utilization and also streamlines the supply chain. Check through injury records to help pinpoint recurring problems. If you cannot decide on a product, spinal injuries, as these machines could cause harm to the user or others. HSE recommend that employees should use handling equipment wherever possible.

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Shanghai yiying crane to using an office or handling lifting? Always be sure to use the appropriate equipment when moving or lifting any heavy item, you should avoid such tasks as far as possible. Remember to obtain training and authorization before using a forklift. GMV can store and use my data as stated in their privacy policy under the menu: Profile. This equipment allows you to handle material in bulk or lose form.


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En savoir plus sur les navigateurs que nous supportons. It is therefore important to maintain three points of contact to the equipment at all times to avoid any accidents occurring. Typically inaccessible for handling lifting equipment and control risks. Can mechanical lifting ads such as hoists, eyestrain and overuse injuries of the arms, Sydney and Brisbane. The use of a crane on site enables it to be always available for use, whether you are in an office, please leave it empty.

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