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Tips and advice for how to ask someone to be your reference the right way.

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Your resume gets everywhere! Use consistent formatting for all your references: list their full names, professional titles, companies, and contact information. Personal references are generally not recommended when putting references on a resume. Discover why, how, and when to plan your career.

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While you may not want to share an unsolicited list of names and phone numbers in your resume text or application package, you can feel free to make this information available in other ways.

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Who would be a good reference? Ensure that you select references wisely, and have them fully up to speed on your job search. Try to avoid giving out family members as references. Think about other contacts or documents.

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Copied link to clipboard. For example, employers will want to know how you work with others, learn new skills, etc. You should have, preferably, one from your boss.

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So how do you know what NOT to do? It also share information that they will you have a references should include on who is the space to the hiring manager looking for. Listing the above as references may actually hurt your chances of being hired more than help.


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