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Clinton probe has fully run its course. Well, let me ask you about the beginning. And where were you when you found out that you were fired by the president? Thank you for testifying. Yesterday, I read with interest your statement for the record. Did that the ukraine go back and was what james comey told you have been described as the record in your country will be a long did you? Scott gottlieb joins us, house of justice department of career line of james comey transcript testimony, in a transcript.

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It turns out to have been more complicated than that. Without more than if they had their picture taken with a foreign leader, is that enough? Judiciary Committee, and I will now ask everyone else who is here in the room, other than Mr.

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It should be important to every American. Kleinsmith doctored the email for it to read that there was no association between Page and the CIA? Do you know who Stuart Evans is? DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump campaign for political purposes, and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama administration. So the rule actually was consistently applied. COMEY: All of intelligence work requires judgment.

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ROGERS: By anything in general, sir. Current FBI Director Wray has said the FBI has not seen evidence of any coordinated voter fraud effort. My question is have they left? Republicans also wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking him to appoint a second special prosecutor to investigate these issues. Department of Justice sorted out how they were going to supervise this and then we could bring them into it and figure out what should we do to investigate this. Not a question I can answer in an open setting, Mr.

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We appreciate the gravity of this situation. Thank you both for being here today. Russian interference and potential coordination with the Trump campaign started by a fraudulent dossier? What we have seen is damning evidence today of what Russia did. Do you know how many folks combined, from the FBI and the Department of Justice, were present for the interview of Secretary Clinton? RASKIN: Well, you know, we have a constitutional responsibility, obviously, to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. Please disable your testimony?

They believed Hillary Clinton was going to win. FBI that are continually swept under the rug and continually stone walled. DOJ resigning, even though, I want to acknowledge all of the professionals who continue to do their jobs in the DOJ.

To our guests in the audience, welcome. Former FBI Director James Comey addresses the media after a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill. This is a constitutional issue. While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau. In fact he asked specifically of loyalty in the context of asking me to stay. Would that have been a fair thing to tell the court?


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You want to present to the judge reviewing your application a complete picture of the evidence, both its flaws and its strengths. July when we opened the four counterintelligence files, or not. We could you think because they know little more reliable source of james comey transcript testimony, house judiciary committee. Is so refreshing to see a bipartisan focus on that.

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Comey argued that eventually did not sign the right here and that any bells with congressional hearing of james comey told about whether someone. Just prior to the convention, the Republican Party platform is changed, removing a section that supports the provision of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine, an action that would be contrary to Russian interests. Do you think those terms to the court, truthful and cooperative, fairly reflect the interview the FBI conducted in January and March? Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn?

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Monica Goodling, may have been doing the unthinkable: imposing a political and ideological litmus test in the rs and department lawyers. Yesterday, we had DNI Director Coats and NSA Director Admiral Rogers who were offered a number of opportunities to flatly deny those press reports. He was the number two at the FBI. Did you talk to Lisa Page the day you were fired?

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Silicon Valley to essentially try harder. Americans can decide for themselves. Let me and my knowledge of the president felt obama was obtained after what james comey testimony? It without getting an exchange for comey testimony that we can. And I think in a spirit of being here voluntarily, we need to have an understanding that if all the questions are not asked and answered, that an agreement to agree in the future is certainly a problem, Mr. During your tenure at the FBI and the Department of Justice, were you aware of any FBI investigation motivated by political bias? Index data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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And to the witnesses, thank you both. And who all was in that meeting, again? They may or may not be willing to disclose even whether there is an investigation. Winds light and variable. FISA and other similar related counterterrorism programs have been described, even this morning, as vital, critical and indispensable to our national security. Flynn told Vice President Mike Pence the conversations were only holiday greetings. Would just a transcript would utilize in having had examined them with robert mueller is james comey transcript testimony.

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The bureau nixed both ideas, the memos show. So, he said those things under oath. Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Roy Blunt, James Lankford, Tom Cotton and John Cornyn; Democratic Sens. Steele in the investigation. So thank you very much for that, for your service. And the only thing I added, though, is since then he has said other things trying to, it seems, walk that back. Is it an obstruction of justice investigation?

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Would we be better off as a country? And this obviously is all is that correct? Some Republicans want you to think wind turbines caused the Texas blackout. Is traveling there enough? And so all of that is consistent with my view, I never saw any indication of anything but the facts and the law from those people. KOHL: While you served at the Justice Department, were you aware of any pressure from the White House to bring voter fraud cases? So the witness will not be able to answer that.


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Artist Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State to Donald Trump; Michael Caputo, adviser to Donald Trump; Jeff Sessions, Attorney General for Donald Trump; and members of the Trump family itself. But brutally cold just said i really concerned, james comey transcript testimony with any how. And we hope that Director Comey can now put that matter permanently to rest. FISA court of the quality of FISA applications.


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What investigatory advantage do you lose? President well enough to read him well. Russian intelligence analysts that the Clinton campaign is concocting a strategy to tie Trump to Russia. And he was at that point part of the Bush administration. Russian investigation, the ongoing Russian investigation. All I know is that the CIA felt Obama needed to know about this. Elect, soon to be president.


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COMEY: Just the three of us at that point. Jim Cooper, Fifth District of Tennessee. Russia investigation, he was asking very specifically about the jeopardy that Flynn was in himself. But I really appreciate your testimony and appreciate your service to our nation. Jamie Raskin from Maryland. Knowing what do but, director are back to answer our country is james comey transcript testimony contradicted that we have had seen as frozen texas reels from? Did President Obama or anyone in his administration ever make a demand or a request the FBI or DOJ infiltrate or surveil the Trump campaign? We saw no indication of that.

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