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Issue of Qualifications and Statements of Attainment

MTO Training PNG Ltd is an Educational Institution (NTC191) based in PNG delivering recognised Statements of Attainment and Qualification Certification.


Some Qualifiactions and Statements of Attainment may have the same Title and Number as Australian Qualifications, but are, however, registered with the NTC and will be issued as PNG Qualifications and Statements of Attainment by MTO Training PNG Ltd

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment

We believe that candidates who are already working in a specific field, and have experience in this field, should be given the opportunity of gaining recognition for such experience.

Recognition of Prior Learning is the formal acknowledgment of skills and knowledge of competencies already obtained through:

Recognition of Prior Learning occurs when a person seeks and gains recognition for their skills and knowledge no matter where or how these were acquired. If what you have learned at work, from other courses, from experience or training provided at work, is relevant to your course, you may be entitled to gain recognition of prior learning.

RPL assesses a person's prior learning against the competencies or learning outcomes of the particular course/unit in which the person is enrolled.

RPL is a process that assesses candidate's formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which they have achieved the requirements of an assessment benchmark (without necessarily the need to undertake the entire learning program).

Candidates undergo an RPL assessment process against a defined benchmark, such as a unit of competency. This process may indicate gaps in their current level of knowledge, and a decision is then made to develop these gaps through further learning and assessment. An individual learning and assessment program is then defined to address the identified gaps. In such a situation you may not have to complete the entire program, only those areas where gaps have been identified.

The PNG National Training Council coordinates the review of the National Training Quality Framework with all stakeholders and provides assistance to other agencies that are involved in the registration of training providers. The National Training Council also directly registers private organisations, foreign organisations and government providers not otherwise accredited by TVET Division of the National Department of Education. RPL is a recognised and rigorous process of assessment by the National Training Council .

Executives with appropriate experience are encouraged to contact us for further information.